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A critical book

“La Celestina” is one of the most famous book which events took place in Salamanca. The novel appeared in Burgos, in 1499, and was written by Fernando de Rojas. It was a very successful novel in the XVI century. “La Celestina” is a book about courtly loves that ended as a tragedy. The novel is about the low society in Salamanca between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
In Salamanca, there is a garden known as as the "Huerto de Calixto y Melibea" (Calixto and Melibea garden) is to be found very close to the Cathedrals, offering a magnificent view of the banks of the river Tormes. As tradition goes, this was the lovers meeting place for the two characters in the novel written by Fernando de Rojas "La Celestina".

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